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Berenice Abbott, Cocteau’s Hands, 1927

A strange lonely planet found without a star
An international team of astronomers has discovered an exotic young planet that is not orbiting a star. This free-floating planet, dubbed PSO J318.5-22, is just 80 light-years away from Earth and has a mass only six times that of Jupiter. The planet formed a mere 12 million years ago, a newborn in planet lifetimes.
"We have never before seen an object free-floating in space that looks like this. It has all the characteristics of young planets found around other stars, but it is drifting out there all alone," explained team leader Dr. Michael Liu of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. “I had often wondered if such solitary objects exist, and now we know they do.”The discovery paper of PSO J318.5-22 is being published by Astrophysical Journal Letters and is available at Image: Artist’s conception of PSO J318.5-22. Credit: MPIA/V. Ch. Quetz

i worked HARD today i sorted so many many many books and drank two cups of coffee in under an hour which was a mistake cus i spend the next hour very jittery and dropped quite a lot of books also. it’s a good job i fuckin love books

and i scratched out two lines of the song im working on and wrote down two more so that’s some progress

my mood is generally solid good/thumbs up these days so i guess that’s why i haven’t been online much. been … doing things /shifty eyes

(good things)

next month the Thing i am doing is Moving Out (im going to manchester for uni) which i am v looking forward to. it feels like a big deal. other people seem to have been shooting up to the next level before me and now i’m catching up. you know in mario kart double dash when you get a gold star and that funky samba music plays? i feel like that. im kinda speeding. trying not to fall down a hole. avoiding proverbial wario.


"turn the dark on" devon aoki by mario sorrenti for the face, october 1997

stacks of you
Daehyun Kim

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
A French holy card of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.