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when i see posts making fun of white, cis or able bodied people i either A) laugh B) learn something new about what trans, people of colour and disabled people go through or C) analyze my own behaviour. That’s it. I don’t feel attacked or “oppressed” and i seriously don’t understand or sympathise with cis/white/straight/able bodied/men who do lmao  


sia get out of my house


wish i could teleport to green gathering, i want to be there NOW not like 10pm tonight. im gonna miss all the hotties putting up tents with their shirts off :(




i want someone who hasnt seen death note to analyze this screen shot and tell me what they think the show is about

a boy is in a band and he has his bandmates over. two of them are trying to convince the other two to dress metal so the cover of their album looks cooler. normal kids mom wants to know if they want any snacks.

very close i’m impressed

tramlines weekend was LARGE i drank so much and danced so much and kissed a v cute boy SO MUCH and it was lovely and super cool to see all my best lasses. highlights include meeting bo ningen (!!!) and getting stoned and eating a giant chinese takeaway

im going down to green gathering tomorrow, then boomtown the weekend after so im gonna be on the road sleeping in tents n cars for the next two weeks!! should be lots of magical fun. there will be grass stuck to everything i own.